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Dr. Iker turned my life around.  I have had Lymphedema for more than 22 years and only she has made an improvement in my right arm.  Yes, It is up to me to take care of myself and not blame Dr Iker when I see little improvement, but that always changes because it does improve.  You have to do the work as a patient and follow what she says.  Very Knowledgeable is she!  I drive across Los Angeles to see her that should tell you something.  Also, remember Nancy Brinker who founded the Susan Komen Foundation for furthering research into Breast Cancer?  She wrote a book in the 90s and told her own story of having breast cancer after her sister Susan had passed away of the illness causing Nancy to be proactive and help other sufferers.  She commented that Lymphedema swelling was more disfigurative than breast cancer surgery.  And I have to agree with her.  LA is fortunate to have an expert like Dr. Iker.

Cynthia C
Pasadena, CA

***** Emily Iker, MD. For Extraordinary Medical Care

As a fellow professional, I am happy to report that I have had superb treatment from this lovely physician who specializes in the treatment of lymphatic disorders.  Most often found in one or two of the four extremities, lymphedema can be devastating for people who suffer from it and can become an incurable disability.  Dr Iker can inform you thoroughly and graciously everything  you didn’t know about this physical dilemma which can cause intense and immeasurable suffering.   Not only is she informative, but she is a talented and sensitive physician who understands and implements every modern strategy to control, decrease and remedy your pain and suffering.

My experience in this office has been extremely helpful to my chronic dilemma of lower extremity lymphatic disease secondary to surgical removal of a lymph node years ago.   Having applied usual and customary care for such a problem myself, I only recently had a complication where I found it to be beyond my expertise to try to contain this myself.  Consequently I revisited Dr. Iker who I had seen years ago at which time she had taught me how to attend to my symptoms as a routine part of my own personal health care.  When I returned, just this fall, I was met with such warm and friendly office staff, new modern technology and the comfort  of  Dr. Iker herself whose breadth of knowledge and hands-on physical  therapy gave me tremendous relief.   It is with great admiration and appreciation I would highly recommend Dr. Iker to anyone suffering with this uncomfortable physical abnormality.

Martha S.

It is such a pleasure to have Dr. Emily Iker as my lymphedema specialist. For years and years I’ve had the chronic condition. It was not until I became her patient, this year, that I actually experienced increased mobility, less pain, and a noticeable decrease in swelling of the affected areas. It means so much to be able to perform daily activities that I struggled thru prior to being treated by Dr. Iker and her wonderful staff. I only wish I could have been in her care at the onset of my diagnosis.

D. Aaron
Playa Vista, CA

I had 16 lymph nodes removed. After chemo, I needed seven weeks of radiation. At week 5 the pain was unbearable. I went to one lymph therapist and got no relief. My Doctor suggested Dr. Iker. After one treatment, I immediately felt less pain and my entire body was relaxed. For the first time since surgery I was able to sleep through the night.

Dr. Iker is a delight to meet and excellent in her profession. We are lucky she is practicing in Santa Monica.

West Los Angeles

Dr. Iker is tops in my book. Exceptionally knowedgeable (she is one of the few true experts in California and been taching, educating, and dealing w. lymphedema on an international scale for years – check out the bio on her website www.LymphedemaCenter.com.

Numerous doctors  who claimed to be “experts” had diagnosed me with lymphedema simply because my lower legs swelled — a frustrating diagnosis that I seriously doubted, because even a lay read on article on the web showed that I did not meet the criteria. Dr. Iker saw me, took one look at me, examined my record and my body, and immediately negated a finding of lymphedema – instead, she told me I have early stage “lipedema” (lipoedema, as it’s known in Europe).

Why is this important – getting a diagnosis from an expert?  Ye gads — if you don’t have it, don’t live with it!  Living with lymphedema means a lifetime of special precautions and worries that aren’t present with lipidema. (Mind you, Lipidema has its own problems and if unmanaged, can lead to lipo-lymphedema (e.g., BOTH diseases), but early stage can be managed, and Dr. Iker – bless her heart – gave me the right diagnosis at an early stage. I’ve since seen a lipedema expert who confirmed the diagnosis.  I am so very grateful to Dr. Iker for setting me on the right track to manage lipidema before it worsens & trust her w. questions I have re the functioning of my lymph vessels).

She’s very down to earth – an honest straighforward doctor w a no-nonsense attitude (e.g., there’s a lot of education and self-management required for lymphedema, and she expects you to do it). If you’re looking for a babysitter, shes probably not the one. If you’re looking for answers and support re lymphedema, give her your trust and don’t settle for anyone else.

Like most doctors, she’s busy, but It’s far easier to get into the office and to talk w. her than with a large corporate office, and she gives you the time of day. She has only a small office staff, and insurance coverage is limited. But, I’d far rather trust her opinion than many other docs who claims to know the area — she[ does! In this area of medicine – one that has been neglected and misunderstoord in the US for years, she knows her stuff – to me, she is a five-star plus.

Lisa W.
Austin, TX

“I was really having trouble finding help.  I couldn’t get any treatment.  By the beginning of the year it had gotten so bad that I could barely reach my back, or move my arm.  In the beginning of the year, my niece told me about Doctor Iker.  Well, after speaking with her, we decided to move to Los Angeles for treatment.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.  The treatments have been amazing.  Since then, my Lymphoma has improved considerably.  I can easily now wash my back and have regained strength in my arm.  I don’t know what I’d do had I not met Dr. Iker.

I definitely recommend Dr. Iker to anyone who is suffering from Lymphedema – and to anyone who can’t find sufficient treatment.

There are two people I thank all the time.  I thank my niece for introducing me to Dr. Iker; and I thank Dr. Emily Iker for helping me!

Enid Sobers, Brooklyn, N.Y.

I am writing a testimonial for Dr. Iker’s website.

I started treatments with Dr. Iker in July, and have seen remarkable progress since then.  I have had lymphedema for 15 years, and have been to at least 10 doctors, and have never had it diagnosed correctly.  I have been told it was tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation, varicose veins, and congestive heart problems. Dr. Iker was the first one to give me a correct diagnosis, then order the proper tests, and start the proper treatment.  I am so happy to finally see the swelling go away, and be able to wear dresses and shorts without feeling self conscious about my swollen ankles. I am very grateful to her and her staff.

Thank you.

P.M., Fresno, CA.

3 and 1/2 years ago I was going from doctor to doctor trying to find out what was causing my swelling and pain. Finally,  Dr. Iker was recommended to me by a friend who had been one of her former patients.  She said “I know it is a long way for you to go but I think you really should see her.”

Well I was in so much pain that I was willing to go anywhere.  I showed up for my appointment in tears. Dr. Iker took one look at me and said “no wonder you are in pain, you have lymphedema.”  No other doctor had recognized this diagnosis.(They do now.)

I felt that I would be bedridden the rest of my life and that I did not want to go on if I was going to have to live the rest of my life in pain.  She said “Stop it - you are going to get better - you just have to do what I tell you to do.”

With Dr. Iker’s help, I have been able to resume a normal pain-free life.

I also thought I would never get to travel again.  Well, I just went on a 22 day trip to China and did very well...I just did what Dr. Iker told me.

I think she is an angel!! Thanks so much Dr. Iker!

Judy Vermillion

Thank goodness I found your website today. I've had my official diagnosis for lymphedema since May 15, but I've had the discomfort and inconvenience of it's symptoms for almost as along as I can remember. I've sought out Dr.opinion as long as I was able to express how abnormal the swelling of my legs seemed to me.

For more than 25 years I took 40 mg. of Laxis every day of my life, finally with my body so drained of Potassium my Dr. admitted he'd never see anyone still walking around with numbers so low. I now worry about kidney damage from taking so much Lasix. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibro-myalgia and that I probably had had it for the past 50 years, my pain level so extreme I was given Oxycontin for about 6 years until the big scare of that drug being used illegally and how harmful it is, so I asked to be taken off of it and was, only to be put on MS Contin for about 5 years now. After having 3 surgeries on my right leg and 1on my left, for knee replacement and complications, much of the pain is gone, but I realized then I had restless leg syndrome, and was given Myraplex which takes care of that pain. Compared to the past 25 years, I would consider myself pain free and was becoming so anxious to have a normal life again, but now I learn I have this terrible, life altering, disease, Lymphedema.  I have always experienced embarrassing edema, but nothing like what began after my last surgery in my right leg...the left is also affected, though not nearly as badly as the right.

I am so anxious for my appt. with the lymphedema clinic yet a month down the road. This website has been of the most help I've had to date. There are as many as I can get round to reading, yet no help in understanding what is happening and that there may even be some glimmer of hope in my future. Any literature that you might have to send me on your methods or the special equipment, would be especialy appreciated as a good stop-gap measure.

Thanks for your compassion and expertise in helping people who feel they are at the very end of their rope when they get this diagnosis...

Carol K. (USA)


When I no longer had insurance and was living with Lymphedema, I knew I needed a check up and some help. I found Dr. Iker from doing some websearching and was very impressed with her. When I called the office to look into the costs and services, Dr. Iker talked to me and really made me feel like she would take care of me. As soon as Dr. Iker saw me the first thing she told me was that I do not have Lymphedema. After living with this condition for a handful of years, wrapping my leg up in an abundance of wraps and wearing a custom made Jobst that never really fit and took 6 months to get I found out I did not have it. Dr. Iker asked who told me and about taking the Lymphagraph. I had never actually been tested for it, just told I had it. She signed me up and although I had to pay nearly 1000 out of pocket with no insurance, the results came back that my Lymph system was clear. I was in tears of joy and anger and other emotions. I immediately signed up at the YMCA where I was living and tried to start swimming. At the time I was not emotionally ready to live with a new illness. Today I am ready.

Thank you so much Dr. Iker. Now I am just still dealing with finding insurance event hough my records show a "pre existing medical condtion" that I never really had. Once I get a job again I will be back in. I am very grateful for you and your dedication to these conditions.

Erin - the girl that does not have Lymphedema